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What to Determine While Placing an Order in a Steakhouse?

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It is often confusing while visiting a high-end and top steakhouse to determine the juiciest, tastiest and tender of steaks. The taste is eventually subjective to the dinner, but tenderness and juiciness are the factors you are crazy about. Above all, before anything, you must first know that the beef is graded by USDA with the number of fat specs or the marble as well as the age of the cattle. Get into Rib n Reef steakhouse restaurant for the best, juiciest and tastiest steak for your dinner.

Remember, the younger the beef, better the quality, greater the marbling and higher the taste. In fact, there are 8 grades of beef as per USDA, but the top 3 levels of graded beef aresold for the purpose of consumption to the customers. The best or top grade of beef is “prime” and the second is “choice” and the three “select”. The best steakhouses serve the first two i.e. the USDA prime and the USDA choice. The USDA Prime is the most tender, juiciest and flavourful beef in comparison to the choice and the select.

The most popular steaks for the purposes of broiling or dry heat or grilling are the beef from the short loin or rib sections or the tenderloin portions. The tenderloin filet is one of the preferred items in most steakhouses. It is also popularly known as filet mignon. The tenderloin filet is the best for tenderness but little fat marbling. The people who are fat conscious prefer the tenderloin filet not just because of its lesser fat component but because it is lean and tender. However, the tenderloin filet is less juicy and flavourful in comparison to other steaks.

The ribeye steak is one more popular steak in the steakhouse which comprises the fat marbling in abundant. This is the reason the ribeye steak is most flavourful and juicy. However, since it is robust, beefy and fatty, often it may be too fatty for some people. The ribeye also comes with a bone-in option and called prime-rib.

The New York strip is often called Kansas City is the best when everything is considered. It is tender and has less fat than the ribeye and has its own flavour. You can also get this with a bone-in option. The T-bone steak and the porterhouse steak are two other popular steaks often asked in the steakhouses.

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