Sun. May 16th, 2021

Why is Pasture-Raised Meat Culinarily Sustainable?

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People are getting more inclined towards adopting more sustainable ways to lead lives. This also includes eating better food and leaving a lesser carbon footprint behind them. One such adoption is the intake of pasture-raised meat and poultry instead of the inorganically raised ones. There are underlying numerous benefits to these meat consumptions and below are listed a few of them:

Better for Animals

Industrialized animal agriculture has soon become successful and quite popular because of the basic fact that it is cost-effective and uniform. This industrialization has proven that raising meat this way would lead the production to be inexpensive and efficient and there will be consistency maintained. The system of pasture-raising helps the animals lead a better life. They are allowed to freely roam and graze without any notable restrictions. Hence, there doesn’t arise requirements to artificially inject them to yield better meat.

Better for Land

The holistic agricultural management has led the animals to ultimately benefit the land they graze upon. The grazing animals catalyze the photosynthesis process on land and fertilize them through urination and defecation. This helps the soil feeding the grasses that feed the livestock and they in turn again feed the soil. This regenerative land management has proven to incorporate more carbon into the soil and by adopting this system of meat consumption; we are, in a way, supporting the global stances of sustainability.

Better for Community

The rural parts of the world do get devastated by the increase in industrial agriculture. Pasture-raised systems of meat production help the rural get back their share of labour. They get created with quality job opportunities, restoration of traditional skills, and better living opportunities down the villages. The small and sustainable communities are helped to get re-established all over again.

Better for People

Industrialization requires employees to conduct repetitive tasks over time that lead to their degenerative health over a very short period. Pasture-raised production systems on the other hand help the employees perform a plethora of tasks in a day, without exhausting their capacities. This helps them be healthier and happier.

Better for You

With the pasture-raised meat being completely natural, there are hardly any side-effects that you might face. It is time that they are also used for treating illnesses. They are today preferred over injected meat owing to the nutritive value.

Papa Earth pasture-raised meat is produced with love and affection to bring you the best of the meat you can ever consume.

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