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Why You Should Teach Your Child To Cook

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Cooking has long been considered a basic skill that every individual should be comfortable with. Yet, with the proliferation of easy to access restaurants and food stalls in urban areas, fewer young people are learning to cook. After all, it is simply more convenient to step out to get a takeaway meal.

Less Parents are Teaching their Child how to Cook

With the change in society’s attitudes, many parents have simply skipped the process of teaching their child how to cook. However, we would argue that cooking does more than produce a meal to be consumed. It teaches children many important lessons and virtues, which should not be foregone.

If you have not taught your child how to cook, then this article is for you. In it, we cover what your child could learn from cooking.

Grocery Shopping

Going grocery shopping teaches your child several lessons, including:

  • Finding items on the grocery list without getting distracted by other items
  • That food does not magically appear cooked on your plate but rather requires many different raw ingredients
  • A single ingredient often has many available alternatives or substitutes. Finding those that fit the budget can be a challenge

Grocery shopping is a quintessential part of the cooking process. Kids should be allowed to shop for their grocery lists with some guidance from parents. This ensures that your kids are forced to make decisions on what to buy, yet still have your guidance to fall back on when in need.

As a bonus, grocery shopping also encourages your child to do some quick math. This helps with keeping the cost within the budget and puts to practice what they have learnt during math lessons in school.

Following a Recipe

Following a recipe takes both a comprehension of the language and a comfort level to work with uncertainty.

For starters, recipes test your child’s reading comprehension as many of them are written with cooking terminology built in. While your child may be frustrated with not being able to fully comprehend all steps, there is a joy in seeing tangible results from his or her efforts. This a big plus point for cooking as your child is able to realise how important reading comprehension skills are.

At times recipes can at times be ambiguous, giving your child room to interpret the method. This teaches your child to exit his or her comfort zone and to operate with uncertainty. Since life always contains an element of unpredictability, cooking in this sense helps to build their confidence.

Sending Your Child for Cooking Lessons

It is certainly true that you could teach your child many cooking skills from the comforts of your home. Yet, we recommend that you send him or her for commercial cooking lessons Singapore.

Going for a cooking class with fellow children would encourage your child to socialise more and to be more confident in their approach to cooking. These are invaluable life skills that they can pick up from the class.

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