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World’s Top 5 Strongest Coffee Brands

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Are you feeling dull and you need something to boost your energy? Well, maybe it’s time to satisfy your caffeine cravings to make yourself responsive and hyperactive again. Well if you need to prepare yourself for a super busy day in your office or want to keep yourself fresh then these coffee brands of extraordinary taste have your back.

Continue reading the remaining article for the world’s strongest coffee brands.

World’s Strongest Coffee

Biohazard Coffee is the strongest coffee in the whole world as it contains 928mg of caffeine/12 ounce. It equals to double the limit of a serving. Death Wish Coffee is the most famous brand of coffee and it serves around 728mg of caffeine/12 ounce. 

What Is Meant By Being the Strongest Coffee in the World?

Before going any further it is important to understand the meaning of strong coffee. This decision is based on the strength of coffee. Let’s consider the factors that you should consider before making coffee at home.

Beans differ based on their levels of caffeine as it is a mixture of various flavor compounds and caffeine as the flavor of the coffee depends upon the soil, species, and altitude. There are two main species of coffee named as Coffea Arabica and Canephora also known as Robusta. If you’re a coffee lover then visit Espresso Gurus. This site has everything a coffee lover could want all in one place. They do expert coffee maker reviews, in-depth espresso machine reviews, and also do interesting articles on coffee news and trends. It’s a must visit site for any coffee lover. 

People usually have a perspective that the strength of a coffee depends upon its roasting level. It is a misconception as sometimes light roasted coffee is stronger than a completely roasted coffee when it comes to determining the ratio of caffeine content. Although extended roasting of beans produces dark color and rich flavor it also excludes flavor compound and natural caffeine.

The rich flavor and quantity of caffeine also depend upon the number of beans used in every shot. The method and recipe you choose for brewing give an ideal quantity of beans to water. Cold-brew requires an increased amount of grounds due to being less effective and a lot of coffee is wasted in making it.

Another way to control the strength of the coffee is through determining the grind size. Espresso is the finest brewing method in which it is preferable to make it through a fine grind to get your level of intensity.

A few coffee brands keep their focus on the amount of caffeine in their blends. Well if you want to get a taste of original and strong coffee then these brands can give you a punch of flavors to satisfy your cravings;

Top 5 Strongest Coffee Brands In The World:

Coffee Brands Specifications
DEATH WISH COFFEE Caffeine: 728 mg/12 ounce

Bean Type:not identified, however, they are imported from India and Peru.

Sizes:Regular 16 ounce,XL 5 pounds

BLACK INSOMNIA Caffeine: 702 mg/12 ounce

Bean Type:not identified – identical to Robusta

Sizes:Regular 16 ounce, 10 and 50- packs available of Nespresso capsules.

KILLER COFFEE Caffeine: 645 mg/12 ounce

Bean Type: not identified – tastes similar to a blend of Robusta and Arabica

Sizes:Regular 16 ounce

BANNED COFFEE Caffeine:474 mg/12 ounce

Bean Type: a combination of Robusta and Arabica

Sizes:differ from 10 ounces to 2 pounds

BIOHAZARD COFFEE Caffeine:928 mg/12 ounces (the strongest)

Bean Type:Robusta

Sizes:16 ounces and 5 pounds


Caution: the following brands are only for people who can tolerate high caffeine level. Before consuming any brand it is advised to consult a health professional.

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